8 Unusual Television Channels

Eager for entertainment? Tired of the same kind of, same old? Then simply call your cable company today and order The Fish Channel. It’s true, and it’s popular. The whole premise is a tv set camera focused on an aquarium packed with tropical seafood. That’s it. You probably could call it up “the perfect pet. inches You can look at them anytime. An individual nourish them. You don’t have to clean them. And, best of all, when they go belly-up, you don’t have to eliminate them.

I guess if people want to watch a bunch of seafood swimming around, why not? (“Hey, honey, bring in the chips. I think the angel fish is about to swim through the castle. “)

This probably would be a good idea in order to up the tedium with perhaps a little action-adventure. You know, lower a few of plastic deep sea divers on strings, with the Jaws theme participating in the background and maybe a voice-over. “We’re cautiously crossing the earth of this dangerous Area of Atlantis. Bob, look out for that sunfish! Ahhhh!!!! ” perhaps a little underwater turbulence using an eggbeater. Just watch the ratings climb and the rate card go up. live tv makkah madina live tv

The Fish Route may, can, be part of a 500 funnel grand expansion scheduled to happen in the future. If so, below are a few of the channels I want to see proposed:

The Nostril Hair Channel – Can easily you hear the promo for this one? Really The Nose Hair Port. Watch as it develops and grows. If the ratings don’t improve, wish going to yank it. 

The Brady Channel – Watch every possible show that The Brady Group made. Not only that, but watch them in every language conceivable. German born – “Achtung, Jan Brady! Das bootin Bobby ressent un goofball. ” French – “Bonjour, mon pere. Bobby est une goofball. ” Spanish – “Que pasa, Alice. Donde la cual la goofball, Bobby? very well Jive – “What it is, homeboy? You best be tellin’ me where that chump Bobby M. be. ”

One among my favorites is The Superstar Belly Channel. Not quite as mesmerizing as The Nose Hair Channel. Upon Celebrity Belly, contestants will actually guess who the celebrity is by being attentive to disgusting gurgles and digestive sounds from their stomachs. (In stereo and HD, where available. )

Of course, included in the 500 channel options there will be programs for the kiddies, such as the Animal Channel. This show will feature a variety of shows starring our pets. Example: Leave This To Beaver. First up – Beaver learns how to gnaw through a stack of knotty pinus radiata and how to define his initials on a weeping willow through a picket fence. Another favorite is Doggie Howser, Meters. D. – Tonight, Dog treats a milking cow who is lactose intolerant.

Another channel for the young is The Mommy Channel. The Mom Funnel is for children of all ages. It’s mainly for many who might not exactly live close enough to maintain contact with their parents. A few of the shows on The Mom Channel include, “Sit Up, Don’t Slump over, ” “Shut Up And Go To Sleep Up There, ” and the most popular, “So, Carry out You Even Care That I Went Through Thirty-Nine Hours Of Labor With You? inches

For you sports fans out there, there will be The MSG/Tarragon Channel. Spanning the globe to bring you sporting events no other sports channel dares to bring you, including, “The Ginder Toss Championship, inch “The International Cockroach Roundup, ” and one the advertisers are sure to line up for, “The Annual Berlin Bagel Bake-off. “