A Luxury Train Ride on the Belmond Royal Scotsman

A train ride that combines outstanding scenery and luxury- this is the experience that Belmond Royal Scotsman offers its passengers. Called as one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Noble Scotsman takes you into an incredible journey through the Highlands of Ireland. The journey promises to be the one which is immensely memorable and enjoyable. aanavandi

Royal Scotsman’s inclusive approach to traveling amenities and services ensure passengers do not need to worry about the costs; as a train ticket includes not only accommodation and dishes, but also alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and also other leisure activities. The train provides a maximum of thirty eight passengers on a given trip. In case you are one of the lucky guests, you will get to sleeping in the posh one or twin state cabin rentals complete with modern amenities like en suite bathroom. Royal Scotsman is also equipped with an Remark Car, an elegant space that gives you the possibility to mingle with guy travelers.

But being on the Belmond Royal Scotsman does not mean that you’ll only be staying on the train throughout the trip. What makes it a great travel experience is that you possibly can get off the train and visit marvelous castles, country mansions, private estates and distilleries along the way. You can also buy the ultimate highland safari experience or spend time experiencing a regular clay pigeon take. On top of that, you will be guided and served by the Royal Scotsman personnel while doing all of these fun activities. 

One of the highlights of this luxury train trip is the gastronomic experience you will get onboard. The coach has two dining vehicles that serve dishes made out of local ingredients. These chosen cars named Victory and Raven are beautifully adorned with mahogany paneling and glamorous furniture. The cars’ fixed menus may also be complemented with the finest wines and state of mind in the region.

The Belmond Royal Scotsman coach leaves from the Edinburgh Waverly Station. Passengers are expected to check on in at Balmoral Hotel 40 minutes before the scheduled starting, and are escorted by crew members with their seats. In conditions of schedule, Royal Scotsman offers a range of rail travels with varying duration. You could choose a trip that lasts from one to seven nights. Each course gives you an extraordinary perspective of the Scottish countryside. As you watch out your window, you will see stunning lochs (lakes), glens, pine-clad mountains and the dramatic coast.

The 4-night “Classic Journey” is one of the extremely popular itineraries for Royal Scotsman. This kind of journey features the lovely village of Plockton, the Cairngorms National Park and the grand castles that populate the landscape. The 3-night “Western Journey” on the other hand, brings you up near beautiful natural attractions like the Isle of Bute, Residir, Loch Lomond and Benjamin Nevis.

Allow me to explain have enough time available, then this “Highland Journey” may be the best trip for you. The itinerary involves a 2-night exploration of the captivating Highland scenery. Because a bonus, additionally, you will get to visit a renowned distillery. Those who considering marveling at the surroundings between Edinburgh and London, uk can acquire the Regal England Journey that continues for 3 nights.