A Nebo Redline Flashlight Review

A Nebo Redline seems like a strange name for a flashlight, but as with many things, there is some meaning to it. Let’s explain.

Nebo is the supplier and is a division of family owned or operated Alliance Sports Group.

Redline comes from the car performance industry where when one redlines he’s operating at peak performance. The same thing can be said for the Nebo flashlight. It runs optimally for a flashlight. best police flashlight

This kind of flashlight is also known as a tactical flashlight. They have this connotation because 1 . ) it is small , and small and easily held in a singke hand when used with a firearm to illuminate poorly lit areas. 2. ) its brightness, if shown directly in their eye, can be briefly blinding, and 3. ) because it is small, compact, well built, has an aluminum casing and has some “sharp” edges on the end, can be used as a defensive weapon in safeguarding one self from an attack.

Now some things about the flashlight. The Nebo Redline is one of the brighter (brightest) compact flashlights on the market today. Its focused light shines at 220 lumens and allows you to see a hundred and fifty yards away. The lighting can be dialed back to half power or one tenth power. This is amazing what that one, powerful LED bulb can do. 

The flashlight works off 3 triple A batteries and the producer claims the battery will last four hours if used on high direct concentrate or up to 30 hrs if utilized on 10% output.

Another unique feature to the Nebo Redline is its strobe light capabilities. The manufacturer again claims that if the sunshine is set to “Strobe” it is going to last 72 straight several hours. Now this is not merely a typical strobe. It is actually two strobes – one which flashes on and off continually, like you would expect, and a mode that flashes out an HELP signal.

Now the one thing that many testers and owners of this flashlight like is the price. For what you get in this super bright light, you cannot the fatigue price. It is quite affordable and at the time of this writing is selling for under $20. Amazing!

Lastly, the flashlight also has 1 ) ) a magnet on its one end therefore it can be easily stuck to a metal surface to allow you to work hands free, 2. ) a light in the dark on off switch on the end to make finding the switch easy to do and turning it on and off easy. 3. ) is also water resistant so when it is dropped in some water it well work just like new.

The bottom level line is the Nebo Redline Flashlight is quite a deal. Considering all that you get and the price that you pay, you simply can not beat this light. Now this is not to say there not necessarily better tactical lights away there, because there are. However, on those, you will pay substantially more for them and you will probably not get all the features this light has to offer.