Alkaline Foods Diet – How To Regain Health & Energy

Your body were designed to eat foods which were available obviously and were raw. In today fast paced life many of us seem to be to have forgotten what fresh foods is. Many of us suffer from some ailment or the other. The phone call of time is to follow an alkaline foods diet that may rid us of our diseases as well as regain our lost health.

An alkaline foods diet has the answer to all our physical problems. Our natural body ph level is 7. 4. That is with this ph level that all body functions are carried out easily. The heart, the brain, the blood cells, the liver, the kidney all require a body ph level of seven. 4 to function smoothly and suitably. Only an alkaline foods diet can insure that this natural alkaline body ph is restored. Almost all of our diet contains chemical p forming food such as meats and fats. A large number of of us have much more than the allowed quantity of processed food. They are also acidic. Jellies, butter, cookies, frozen foods, ice creams and almost 90 % of our food intake are acidulent foods like these. A great alkaline foods diet is the full opposite of what almost all of us eat today. patriot power greens

An alkaline foods diet requires one to eat in such a way that about 80 % of the entire food consumption is alkaline foods. Food such as fruits and vegetables are highly recommended in an alkaline foods diet. Green fruit and vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, wheat grass, member of the lettuce family, and so forth are high alkaline foods and are highly beneficial to the entire body. Tomatoes, carrots with their peels and garlic though not inexperienced vegetables are all the same alkaline foods and so on this diet plan for an alkaline foods diet. Almonds, honey and herbal teas can even be consumed when following an alkaline foods diet. But one must stay away from animal flesh, processed food, fats and even lentils. These acidic foods are incredibly bad for the entire body. Grain is an acidic food but wheat grass is alkaline. Similarly raw kale is an item on the alkaline foods diet chart but if you cook it, it gets acidic in nature and is not advised at all. 

Incorporating an alkaline foods diet in our life will lead all of us up the path of health and energy. A large number of chronic aliments like cancers, arthritis, osteoporosis, coronary diseases all develop in an acidic environment. Even migraine headaches, dental issues, depressions, sinus infection, and many such apparently common illnesses have their roots in an acidulent environment. Needless to say that when we follow an alkaline foods diet our bodies get alkalinized and the acidic levels gets balanced out thus repelling all germs and strengthening the immune system.

An alkaline foods diet helps shed extra weight but that is merely a by product of the diet. The diet is not intended for dropping weight but is designed for gaining health as well as energy. All those who have tried this diet experience great energy bouts with days of doing on the alkaline foods diet plan. Various doctors today promote the alkaline foods diet to prospects suffering from cancer and other these serious health conditions.