Application of Augmented Reality in Various Fields

Increased reality (AR) refers to the boosting or increasing the visuals of the real world that individuals see through our eyes, by making use of computer made imagery. The motive behind augmented the fact is to add description and definition to the real world places or items. It is different from virtuelle realität as virtual truth only creates computer controlled environment. Augmented reality can take real world object or space as the bottom and combines various technologies that add appropriate information to help the person get to know about that space or subject. To get example, a fighter initial on the battlefield establishing trajectory of enemy’s location with the aid of AR. In this case, the augmented fact employed by the pilot includes a headgear offered with a computer interface and other satellite and adnger zone technologies that maps data of the geographical battlefield. In addition, AR also adds voice speech, various other co-ordinates, atmospheric or climatic information and even more that increases the success rate of the pilot on a mission. Augmented Reality

The technology is rapidly advancing in recent years and has been started to put into many fields that includes aviation (commercial airlines), where the pilot gets important information regarding panorama, maps, instructions, climate, and technical info about the plane itself; museums, where the various artefacts can be tagged with explanations such as when and where it was signed or found, its historical details, and so on; medical, where patients data can be accessed by doctors for diagnostics; training, where information about the system or how things work can be provided to the engineering students; and automobile industries, where car manufacturers integrate AR’s navigational feature to windscreen that delivers driving directions to the driving force. 

Furthermore, increased reality can also work as an informative and entertainment tool for a common person. There are many cellular phone AR applications that can be downloaded by the user and make use of it for informative purpose. A few of the multiple system applications that are available on the market are Wikitude, Google Glasses, Layar, SpotCrime, Augmented Colours, Augmented Car Finder, Yahoo Sky Map, AR Intruders, Lookator, TagWhat and much more.

Augmented reality has received a good acknowledgement from the people all over the world despite being relatively new growing technology. Though it is not fully developed, technical giants from all across the globe are constantly investing in research and development for the same. Moreover, CG artists from various places has also come together to provide 3D content for FLADEM?L environment.