Avoiding Bad Fashion for Men

Trend is all bad, when it is bad. The moment is fashion good? The moment everyone accepts it of the same quality, and they all go running – twittering here and there – about it as the latest rage. That lasts for about ten minutes, then everyone starts to question it and challenge it and divide the fashion into the good parts and the parts that smell like day old cheese that has recently been left in the sunshine. The fashion starts as a thought; that is copied by more than one. LuLaRoe Leggings Pinterest

When enough people copy it, it becomes a way tendency. After too many people copy it, it is not longer fashionable. This kind of is why it is all bad fashion. That is merely an issue of timing when good fashion turns to bad. Vogue spoils the same as cheese. However, many cheeses style better when they are aged and left on the shelf for quite some time. These types of are the same with some fashions, they get better with age. Of course they are still spoiled by too many people liking them, nevertheless they transcend to becoming “classic fashion” like a very fresh 10-year-old aged cheese. 

If perhaps this seems too tacky, then consider fine red wine. How is it feasible that the more mature it gets the better it gets? Wine never goes out of style, because they can just bury it in a cellar for the next hundred years so when they pull it out yet again, it will be a marvel. Some fashion age range like wine, but not all of it. The vast majority is bad fashion, which is merely as good as a number of bananas that will soon be rotten and need to be substituted. The fashion that will last is the classic fashion and it is hundreds of years old. The same as the fine wine, the traditional grayscale white tuxedo is better still than the first day it was created. But this is the minority.

If the vast majority of fashion is bad fashion, then how exactly does one know whether to purchase fashion or not? The simple truth is you cannot invest in fashion, you can only get ripped off by fashion, unless you are a pompous designer that puts their name on everything and sells their name as the investment. That is the level of fashion. Take a $5 baseball cap, that you have made in China for 27 mere cents make your designer sticker into it then charge two-hundred dollar for this and have all the kids in high school trying to find $200 to buy it because it is the style.