Comic Book Collecting Through Time

Many comic book collectors come with an appreciation for the unique art these vintage catalogs represent. There is a wealth of information available on the net regarding comic books, collecting comics, artists, writers and inventors but, there is merely no substitute for a hands-on fully illustrated comic reserve! Ask anyone who wants comics; you will see that holding a concrete, printed source is profoundly more gratifying than the web equivalent. The Comic Reserve In America: An Descriptive History, written by Robert Benton, does an outstanding job at reviewing key issues in detail and offering a comprehensive view of the evolution of amusing book heroes as an art form. Comic book

Beginning in 1934, when the first comic was introduced in the United States until today Americans have got a fascination with not only comics but, the unique comic artwork during the book and especially the book art cover! There have been so many talented artists each with their personal style and accomplishments over time. A lot of of the best have received an “Eisner Award” for their creative success in American comic literature. 

As stories developed, new characters emerged, and the genres changed, comics became defined by the period through which they were posted. The first era known as the Golden Regarding comics, which defines comics which came out during the 30’s and forties. Next, from the fifties extending possibly to the 70’s are Silver Time comics leading into the Bronze Age between seventies and 80’s and ultimately stopping with the Modern Era comics from the core 80’s to today.

The Golden Age is probably most well-known for the superheroes like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Surprise Woman. Another notable amusing which came out through the Golden Age was the introduction of Archie who premoere appearance in Verve Comics #22 in 12 , of 1941.

During the Silver Age, The Awesome Crusaders, which was Archie Comics brief introduction that belongs to them superheroes, came out between 1966 & 1967. This was brief as their audience may have preferred their renowned teenage characters like Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie and Jughead.

Ghost Biker, Werewolf by Night, Swamp Thing (and many more) from the explosion of monster themed comic catalogs which emerged around 72 during the Bronze Age group.

Marvel Comic Group Philip Parker The Spectacular Index Man, The New Young Titans, Micronauts, The Spider-Woman and even more which were released during the “DC Implosion” which occurred in the late 70’s – early on 80’s. This is a time when counter culture comics, mini-series and toy comics emerged as well as teenage superheroes. After that in 1980 one of the most popular comics emerged: X-Men Comics which became among the finest selling games of the year!

Miracle Comics Group Dazzler and Captain Victory which were marketed exclusively in specialized shop markets in the early 1980’s or perhaps the Modern day Age.

As the true comic book store started out getting off carrying the best comics for hobbyists, they commenced selling off in large lots their stock of vintage, treasured vintage comics.. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing an old time favorite comic book for yourself or a pal or actually becoming a collector, the internet offers the opportunity for finding and purchasing the perfect comic e book. It is often my observation that many local comic e book stores are receiving away from carrying the true antique comics. I have observed that local stores have a tendency to carry a great deal of other related products and few comic catalogs. In the books they do carry I’ve also discovered that almost all of choices current issues and not ones to be collected such as vintage books.

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