Constructing Your Marketing Funnel

Creating an online business requires focus and clarity. That also requires constructing a marketing sales structure termed as a “marketing funnel. ” Considering that the Internet is a huge potential source of traffic, you must find a way to cut through the noise and find your target audience. After you have your target niche plainly in mind, here are the four general steps needed to construct your marketing funnel and make a sale, find a customer or sign up a new business spouse. Clickfunnels cost

Image a channel where the top is wider than the lower side. The wider top signifies the flood of potential customers that must enter in your sales process. Visitors can be driven in the funnel with paid advertising or content online (blogs, websites, and social media). When a prospect goes in your funnel, you immediately need to capture their contact information with a form or lead get page. To make certain that they be ready to give you their contact information, you must have something of value to provide them first. Following you offer the value you promised, they are going to go into your database of connections (your list), right now you can market to them throughout the launch process. 

Front-End Offer
The front-end offer is usually a free offer. This might be an e-book, report, or 20-minute free consultation. The point is to offer something for free that they want. When they consume this free-offer, you can immediately offer them an upsell at the checkout. This upsell can become a low-cost product or mid-range product. That will depend on the industry you are addressing. Make sure to always give them what they are looking for. What you don’t wish to accomplish at this point is offer your primary (more costly) product. Save this for later after you have provided value and built a relationship with a groundwork of trust.

Back-End Give
Since the prospect is in your database, right now you should have established up a series of automated emails that are scheduled to be shipped to their inbox by your auto-responder. These e-mails are intended to expand your relationship with the prospects as you continue to give value. You will be delivering free training (videos, pdf data, and so forth ) that you know will benefit your target audience. After you have provided sufficient value, at this point you will offer much of your product or service. They will will be much more likely to buy from you at this point. Actually they will give thanks to you for the offer. The primary offer might become your company’s high end product, home based business, or full length training program.

Follow-Up Presents
Your database of potential customers is your business property. You have control over your list and can market to them for provided that they stay on your list and you stay in business. You have to be continually thinking of the full process of the funnel because you will have new prospects coming into the funnel everyday. They are going to move through the steps in this funnel in an automated way. In essence, your marketing channel is a cash movement machine that runs almost hands free.

There are many other offers that you can present to your list. These include affiliate marketing companies services, your own informational products you develop, launch specials of new businesses you create, and continuity programs (ongoing regular membership sites). You cannot find any end to the creativeness you can employto offer products and services that your list wants to help them in certain facet of their life.

Remember, you will be paid in immediate proportion to the value you deliver to the marketplace, in addition to this circumstance, the value you deliver to your list.