Croatia Travel – Nature Park Kopacki Rit

Kopacki Rit is a characteristics park found in the far eastern part of Croatia, within the Baranja area. Also, it is situated near to the country’s boundary to Serbia. In 93, it was designated as a Wetland of Essential Importance, considered to be the major of their kind in the place. Monte Aloia Nature Park Spain

This designation stems from the simple fact that the playground supports a huge number of wildlife species, including parrots, and lush vegetation. Between the birds frequently sighted in the area are wild ducks, wild geese, black storks, white storks, white-tailed eagles, seagulls, terns, and kingfishers. The area also bears the name as the pearl of the Drava, being located along the river Drava. This Croatian nature playground is home to numerous animal species, even the rare and endangered ones. This has lead to the designation of a part of Kopacki Rit as a special zoological reserve. In fact, a lot of effort and research have been done to document the kinds surviving in the region. Another example of the ecological importance of the park is during spring when the flooding of the wetland occurs. It is during this time that fresh water fishes from the Danube river come to the area to spawn. For that reason, Kopacki Rit enjoys a particular status granted by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is also during spring that the whole area comes alive with the cacophony of noise manufactured by hundreds of frogs. 

Guided Excursions – The Best Method To Explore The Playground

Most explorations of the park are done through organized tours, where guests are lead away from a few of the dangerous parts of the park. In these parts, de-mining is still an ongoing process. A large number of tours are arranged and depart from the location of Osijek, and may include exercises like sailing, hiking, and fishing during the designated months. Interested visitors only need to inquire with qualified concert tours operators to find out of the activities awaiting them.

As this park is also located on the raccord of the rivers Drava and Danube, much of the wetland is motivated heavily by these wetlands. The periodic inundation and recession of water has resulted in a powerful landscape of the Kopacki Rit. In addition there are several ponds that improve the uniqueness of this environment. The biodiversity and unique ecosystem recognized by this park are definitely the factors that contribute to its ecological value. Following the amount of fish mating, birds flock to the wetland to feast on the smaller fishes also to mate. Animals such as otters and boars also feast on the amphibians and fishes put aside when the water recedes. Likewise this is the time when vegetation proliferates, with the soil rich with minerals left behind by the floodwater.

The area is also home to numerous plant species, some of which found no place else in Europe and the world. Though the area has endured injuries due to armed issues in the country, there is still no reasoning of the ecotourism probable of Kopacki Rit. This kind of fact is well known by its local administrators and foreign organizations aiming to maintain this wetland for offspring.