DUI Laws in California

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE laws in California have observed an increased trend towards decreasing blood alcohol concentrations (BAC levels); so much so that now interpersonal drinkers are currently finding themselves tangled up in the middle of A bunch of states DUI laws. colorado dui laws

 The pattern has increasingly targeted interpersonal drinkers with relatively low blood alcohol concentrations (BAC levels) and it all commences with the point out of California. A few years ago the permitted California DUI blood liquor concentration (BAC) was less than. 10%. Over the years special interest lobbyist organizations such as Moms Against Driving under the influence (MADD) have increasingly pushed within the state of California to lower the allowable blood vessels alcohol levels in an effort to improve the quantity of driving under the influence arrests and consequently DUI convictions.

This kind of effort commenced in Washington dc and has been implemented nationwide by legislation that has used California’s DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE laws as a model because of the larger population size and high dollar federal government highway funding. So by focusing their lobbying work on 1 state special interest groups are able to effect change nationally in a more cost effective manor. 

The problem with California DUI laws and regulations targeting social drinkers (1st offenders with lower bloodstream alcohol concentrations) is usually that the figures point to repeat offenders with high blood liquor concentrations as the ones triggering severe property destruction, injury and traffic deaths in alcoholic beverages related incidents. This evidence begs the question;

Are we becoming more vigilant on the ‘war against inebriated driving’ for the right reasons? In other words, are we tightening DRUNK DRIVING laws in an work to save lives and state governments adjusting beautiful hawaii DUI laws due to the enormous amount of earnings that gets helped bring in?

The whole justification in raising these questions is to commence some dialougue on the subject in an effort to help our nations roadways become safer by more properly allocating our state and federal funding towards a more efficient manor by properly identifying the condition and legislating to address that very same problem somewhat than legislating to provide funding for many who make the most ‘noise. ‘

Once again, it all depends on the DUI laws in California as the slumber of the states have proven through their earlier actions that each uses California as a model when reviewing their own state DUI laws.

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