Email Marketing Is the Ideal Way for Solicitors and Barristers to Keep Close to Clients

Genuinely, it is not possible to imagination close personal contact with your earlier clients. But in the existing competitive market it is essential to exhibit them that you care. I listen to from my optician, my dentist, and even my local garden centre more often than I pay attention to my solicitor. ICO listing

Various businesses that I come across never write to their clients – other than to inform them of a change of address or about moving to LLP status. Fortunately, though, many businesses have recognized the benefit for newsletters and more recently email ezines as a way of keeping their name in front of their clients and cross-selling their full-range of services. 

A e-zine is of itself an inexpensive item, but for a solicitors practice or barristers chambers with a sizable mailing list it can take up a healthy chunk of the marketing budget when you add in the price tag on envelopes, many and manpower to accomplish the mailshot.

Given the clear cost advantages and environmental benefits, it is not surprising that numerous rules businesses are embracing e-mail marketing – and reaping many of additional benefits from doing so.

Important features of email marketing

One of the clear features of sur le web is a chance to track and measure activities in depth and therefore evaluate the revenue made in doing mailshots. Systems like Enablermail provide comprehensive real-time traffic monitoring – enabling you to see exactly who is opening your email, which articles or web links they click through to, and the actual download – information that is invaluable as a reminder to touch base with a customer or contact that you have not spoken to for a while.

Rate is one of the most frequently cited great things about email marketing. As experts in a particular concern, it provides you with the facility to flow a comment or response to a case within hours, rather than days and nights.

To ensure that your emailer provides the highest chance of being received and read, you really should follow best practice, including sticking with the rules regarding electronic communications. A specialist email service agency will have built-in controls to deal with opt-outs and prevent you sending emails without an ‘unsubscribe’ facility. Guidance for marketers on the Privateness and Electronic Communications Polices 2003 can be downloaded from the information commissioner’s website –

Pros should make an effort to build a database of clients, associates and prospects that truly welcome hearing from them. With anyone else we are wasting time and money, and risking our reputation by sending unwanted emails – spam.

Even though it is possible to go out and purchase a couple of email contacts, we claim that businesses start with their own clients and associates and implement an organized approach to collecting email addresses and permissions.

Participants to an informal study about the benefits associated with email marketing cited the following advantages:
– Raise understanding of their legal brand among existing and new markets;
– Extend market catchments in conditions of market sectors and geographic reach (particularly overseas);
– Enable an improved understanding of the firm’s full range of legal services and capabilities;
– Differentiate themselves from their competitor solicitor in the eyes of potential clients and referrers;
– Improve their image;
– Provide speedier sales and marketing communications to clients;
– Attain regular exposure to intermediaries and prospects;
– Boost attendance at seminars;
– Reduce costs of immediate marketing;
– Provide comprehensive return on investment information;
– Generate qualified questions for services;
– Get hold of customer comments information; and
– Enhance their environmental credentials.