Essential Oils – Lavender

Is going to you be plagued with coughing, sneezing, itchy watering eyes, and stuff in your throat? If you are suffering from these symptoms, it is your allergies. One of the best oils you will find to help with allergies is Lavender essential oil. Did you know that 55% of the US will test positive to one or more allergies, according to WebMD? Oillogic essential oils for kids

Sinus allergies have worried me for more than 15 years, and was worse at night. I started using Lavender essential oil recently. I rub it under and up my nose area before bed. Sometimes We have to utilize it during the day, but really rare.

Lavender is known to have a soothing effect on the body. It is one of the most adaptable herbal oils there may be, and is worthwhile keeping around your home. It’s not only for allergies, but all forms of things. Young Living essential oils produces their Lavender via steam handiwork, and is therapeutic level so that it is where you can inhale it, and apply it to the skin area, but also taken in the camera. This is why Youthful Living’s oils work so well. I can’t say that about any other oil on the market. 

Lavender is also good for headaches, depression, and stress.

Sometimes it is hard to fall in bed at night. Your brain is heading a hundred miles an hour or so, try lavender oil to help you relax. Give a drop or two in both hands, rub them along, and then rub your hands over your cushion. You’ll be surprised how refreshing, and quickly you will fall asleep. This can be great to do with the kids also.

Therapeutic massage anyone? Lavender will relax the body, and help with tired achy muscles too.

Lavender helps bloodstream circulation, and hypertension. Getting calm can help lower your blood pressure.

Try Lavender on acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars, and burns. Rene Gattefosse a French science tecnistions uncovered that lavender helps the tissue to make and speed up the healing of burns that are severe.

When consuming oils add them to a 00 capsule. When ever filling, mix at 50 percent oil (Lavender) and 50 percent carrier oil. When there is awareness to the oil, use vegetable oil to rinse it off. Vegetable petrol dilutes the oil.

Pertaining to headaches; massage a little Lavender oil on your temples, at the bottom or on top of your head.

Want to waken your senses. Rub some lavender petrol in your hands. Cup both hands over your nose and oral cavity. Slowly inhale and let out your breath the Lavender.