Exotic Wedding Themes

Wedding ceremonies have always been an occasion every family appears forward to. Most marriages usually mean booking a party lawn or a ground or an interior party hall. Wedding accès are decorated using blossoms, coloured fabrics and lamps. However, this is the usual stuff. Real fun for most now is in doing something that is absolutely different from an day-to-day wedding. A theme structured wedding can definitely make your wedding stand in addition to the usual service. Below are one of the most popular theme based weddings: www.souldesire.co.uk

you. Royal Weddings – Perform you want to get married like a ruler would? Well, then a royal wedding would be the best for you. This exotic theme centered wedding takes place in a palace. Some of the most popular spots for people royal weddings are Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Everything right from the carpets to the food that is served to the guests has an essence of royalty. Particular consideration is given to what the groom and bride wear and the guests too are requested to dress accordingly.

2. Beach wedding ceremonies – Beach weddings are as the name implies, hosted by side of the beach or in a beachside resort. The most popular beachside wedding locations in India are Goa, Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep. Beach front weddings have been popular across the globe for a long time. Exotic beaches, waves breaking on the shore and fantastic coloured sun provide the best possible setting for your wedding. Some barbecues in the open would certainly add a whole lot of flavour to wedding and reception. It is by considerably the most trusted and loved exotic wedding theme across the world. 

3. Cruise ship weddings – Well, this one possesses its own charm and has recently been the selection of those who really want to make their day as memorable as possible. The environment is just perfect, guests on board a cruise vessel with light music and a huge dance floor where couples and kids can dance. The traditions would of course continue to be as per the customs of the bride and the groom. It’s a perfect setting for a day long function where the guests can experience the sun during the day and party under moonlight later later in the day. Quite unlike the usual outdoor weddings we are all used to!!!

4. Pile Wedding – Northern India has some of the world’s tallest through much the most beautiful huge batch peaks in the world. Himalayan range covers areas like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and small parts of Punjab. Being married with beautiful snow clothed mountains in the qualifications is something that no person will ever have the ability to ignore, neither the bride and the groom, nor the guests. These days, such weddings have become quite common and the greatest locations for such marriages are Kullu and Manali, Srinagar, Shimla and the next to tourist destinations which offer all the facilities that will be required for a wedding. It is an outdoor wedding worth it’s price.

5. Aeroplane wedding – This hasn’t been attempted frequently, but is nonetheless a fantastic theme for a wedding. Imagine tying the knot within an rudder, thousands of feet above. No doubt it will be expensive, but consider it, this is one wedding that however, mass media won’t be able to stop talking about. In the event that you want to choose a wedding memorable, this theme is definitely perfect.