Finding Your Niche As a Document Preparer Service

My personal career path has recently been a winding road that has led me again on the path of my destiny. As end result, finding a job choice to be a Legal Document Preparer (for nonlawyers), Virtual Paralegal and Blog owner (for attorneys in good standing with the condition of hawaii bar), and Bankruptcy Petition Preparer (nonlawyer bankruptcy) required intensive research and expertise.

A person may be thinking that you are typing legal forms so what is the big difference? Just before someone chooses a profession in any or all of the above doc preparer services, it is important to understand the between the titles in order to be in compliance with your california’s laws. legal document preparer california

By law, those who type legal forms are restricted from using certain titles under certain circumstances. Each title requires specific qualifications which can be regulated by statute and the express bar association. Also, each specific title is made for a consumer’s protection to ensure that each consumer knows who they are coping with for services. 

Employing the wrong term or advertisement language may result in a 3rd degree felony with the charge of the unauthorized practice of legislation (UPL). As an end result, it is imperative that an internet site be set up with the intention to be in compliance with Federal and State legislation no matter which express you intend to do your business.


In certain claims, the title for nonlawyer document preparers of legal forms is called a Legal Document Preparer. When ever the Legal Document Preparer title can be used it shows the consumer that the Legal Document Preparer is not supervised by a lawyer. The title is designed to inform the buyer that the individual is a nonlawyer.

For example, in some states, before a Legal Document Preparer can commence inserting the info in a state’s approved courtroom forms for a grave of marriage, she must:

Have the client indication a Disclosure from Nonlawyer form. In the condition which I live in they require a Form doze. 900(a) to be accomplished prior to starting to fill in the varieties.
In some states, a Legal Document Preparer needs to obtain a palm written client intake or questionnaire that was counted on to fill away the Court-approved forms.
ZERO legal services or advice regarding range of legal varieties for someone to choose is to be provided. Otherwise, it is interpreted as the unauthorized practice of law (UPL).
Fill in the nonlawyer section of each document that was made by the Legal Document Preparer.
Retain a copy of all legal documents prepared for 6 years.

If the Paralegal name is utilized it informs the consumer that the doc preparer is working under the supervision of a qualified legal professional authorized to train legislation in the state of the company. Therefore, in certain states a person may only use the Paralegal subject when working for legal professionals. In a law office setting, with supervision of an attorney, you may identify yourself as a paralegal in most areas.

If you decide to begin your own document preparer business without legal professional guidance, you may well be required to plainly inform the buyer that you are a Legal Record Preparer and not a Paralegal in a few states.


The moment the Bankruptcy Petition Preparer title can be used it explains to the consumer that the petition preparer is a nonlawyer. Notice that there is no mention of the word “legal” in it. A Bankruptcy Petitioner Preparer is described as: “[B]ankruptcy petition preparer means a person, other than an lawyer for the debtor or a staff of such lawyer under the direct supervision of such attorney, who prepares for compensation a document for filing. ” 11 Circumstance. S. C.? 110(a)(1).

You might not advertise using the word legal or advertise under the title of legal services.