Flyers, Full Color Printing and Essential Flyer Design Tips

Flyers are a key factor in the success or failure of your local promotional initiatives. Many small to medium-sized businesses rely totally on color flyers to drive traffic to their business on a regular basis. Small businesses disperse flyers in many different ways – as handouts at sporting events, during trade shows, at conventions, and through the papers by means of a “preprint” or newspaper insert. Pizza restaurants, clothing stores, medical techniques, many every type of retail business imaginable can benefit from an efficient hazard and targeted distribution. While reading this guide to hazard printing, consider how it pertains to your business and your skill to improve after your existing print advertising/flyer campaign.

Hazard Design

*Flyer design is a creative process that varies widely from business to business. However, there is some science engaged that can increase response, highlight key items, and improve your image – while increasing profitability!

Hazard Items

*Categorize products by type (Ex: DVDs, Tv sets, Music, Cell Phones, Etc)

*List categories in order worth addressing for sales – highlight your hot products

*Include a section on your flyer for “Extras” – small items that add to get total (This is a great way to increase sales and generate extra earnings on each purchase) Put some personality to your flyer with specialty items or unique offers

*Clearly list customer options for each and every category (ie: Club casse-cro?te served on choice of white, wheat, or rye)

*Use attractive images of products for every single category anytime possible

(It’s normally a good idea to use images of your products as a background graphic) – Group your products into categories so as to make pricing decisions? Adjust prices for each and every item depending on volume and profit (Once you really know what an item costs to make, you subtract the cost from the selling price and you have the low profit for every single item on your menu)

*Never use “….. ” prior to pricing – this makes your flyer look like a price list. Rather, simply place the cost after the item explanation (This shifts the client’s focus from the price to the meals item)