High Protein Low Carb Diet – Is it Safe?

Of all fad diets that come and go, the most popular and successful ones have often been established on a high necessary protein low carbohydrate diet. Some of these diets include: the Atkins diet, the Sugarbusters diet, and The Area diet, to name a few. The demand for these weight loss programs is no doubt scheduled to the fact that they really work. The blend of protein-rich foods, to maintain muscle mass, and a low consumption of carbohydrates, forces the body to break down its fat stores, leading to rapid weight damage. But is a high protein low carb diet actually healthy? Sure you might lose the pounds quickly, but if you aren’t careful you can be placing yourself at risk of serious health problems. In this article we look into a healthy alternative to all the high protein low carbohydrate fad diets – the Medifast diet. ideal protein phase 1

The Medifast weightloss process was developed by doctors which is highly recommended as a healthy very safe program based on a high protein low carbohydrate diet. In fact, the Medifast diet has recently been recommended by over 20, 000 doctors, so you can make certain that the Medifast plan is clinically sound and promotes good health. Not only that, but the Medifast weight loss program is a comprehensive program divided into three phases, this means you get all the support you need. 

The first stage is the Weight-Loss Stage, and this is where the high protein low carb diet works their magic. The Medifast Meals replacements are high healthy proteins and loaded with nutrition, with low carbohydrates, which means your body can no longer rely on carb supply for energy. Instead your body enters a fat using up metabolic state, known as ketosis. This state produces rapid weight loss, but unlike other fad diets, the Medifast weight reduction program doesn’t stop there.

After the initial fat reducing stage, next comes the Transition Phase back to regular, healthy foods, which basically involves weening yourself off the delightful Medifast meals. Then the last stage is the Routine service Phase, where you acquire the advice and support you need to to boot for life. This previous phase is critical because this is to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, and make sure that your diligence has long lasting results. (Many fad diets ignore this vitally important stage! )

For anyone who is considering starting a high protein low carb diet – no longer just go with the latest fad. Go with a comprehensive diet program you can be certain is safe and has been medically analyzed. A high protein low carbohydrate diet can certainly help you lose weight – just make sure is actually one you can trust.