How to Deal With a Leaking Diving Mask

A leaky mask can pamper a dive. It’s a real pain to have to spend almost all of your dive clearing a face mask rather than taking in the underwater surroundings. This can be particularly annoying for new divers of course, if your mask sorting skills aren’t up-to-par, a leak can even be a lttle bit frightening. dive mask

Don’t go out and buy a new mask even though the old one leaks
Relating to my friend Adrian, a long-time diveshop supervisor and instructor, a whole lot of folks buy more than one mask in their earlier stage of plunging because they believe the challenge with leaks lies with the dive mask. Nevertheless the real problem lies with HOW the mask is being worn. His record serial mask buyer bought four masks in half a dozen months until she acquired a haircut (the primary cause was her long locks, caught under the dress of the mask). 

Therefore once you’ve got an appropriate and well-fitting hide, there are things you can do to reduce the leaks problem.

Face mask leak prevention tips

Tie realignment
Make sure the strap is not too tight. The immediate a reaction to an outflow for many people would be that the strap is not firm enough. An overly restricted mask will make the condition worse – and leave that mark on your face that will not go away for 3 hours.

A neoprene Hide Strap Cover is absolutely nice for stopping hair troubles and pulls when you put on and remove the mask – a must have for people that have longer hair.

Cracks, holes and tears
Check for rips and tear in the mask skirt. This kind of could be a source for leaks.

Manage your mask. Wash your face mask after diving, dry and store in a field or case to avoid damage.

DO NOT use a cheap snorkel face mask for diving. They are not made for diving are not able to withstand the pressure at depth. Always buy your scuba diving equipment from reputable dealers and outlets.

The problem with frizzy hair
Hair in the face mask is an extremely common cause of leaks. If you are not putting on a hood, ensure you avoid have stray bits of hair in the cover up. Tie back long frizzy hair and clear hair away from the face when putting on your hide.

Long fringes/bangs can cause leaks. A French plait/braid is a sure way around this.

Facial locks is a huge culprit. Various men are forced to select from shaving their moustache to possess a less leaking dive or keeping it and tolerating a watering vision. Trimming the curly hair that makes contact with the mask may work and is a less drastic solution.

For guys who are determined to keep their facial hair, there are many remedies. Silicon gel/salve put on the moustache before the dive is a common one. Avoid petroleum-based products like Vaseline as they can break down si.

Purge valve
There are two sorts of men and women when it comes to masks and purge valves – those who love it and others who hate it. The purge valve is a built-in feature that allows easier clearing/draining of the water from the hide. For fans, it makes clearing easier. For non-fans, the purge valve is merely one more unnecessary addition that could malfunction.

Individually, I’ve never owned a mask with a free valve and I no longer think the old fabricated clearing method is so bad.