Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certification: 1z0-060 dumps?

To get Oracle professionals who are pursuing the Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate qualification, there are two tests that will gratify the PL/SQL requirement: “1z0-060 dumps: Plan with PL/SQL” and the newer version: “1z0-060 dumps: Oracle Database 12c: Program with PL/SQL”. There is a fair amount of distress among prospects seeking documentation over whether they is going to take one test, or the other, or both. The objective of this article is to help make clear the two tests, their commonalities and differences, and why you could take one over the other. 1z0-060 dumps

One thing should be made clear from the outset: there is never grounds to take both tests. In contrast to the DBA track, Oracle PL/SQL certifications are not linked with the database release. You become certified in release X of Oracle PL/SQL and then have a requirement to take upgrade exams. Because either of these two assessments will meet the OCA-level PL/SQL requirement, passing the other would provide no recognition benefit. That said, you must decide which of both the tests to pursue. The 1z0-060 test is many years older than 1z0-060. Unless we have a specific reason that taking more mature test will benefit you, your better option is to go with the 11G version of the exam. Until Oracle retires 1z0-060, nevertheless , the choice is yours.

The two tests have a great deal of commonality collectively. This makes sense as they are for essentially the same topic. Specifically what is surprising is the number of dissimilarities that exist between the two. 1z0-060 is not simply a remake of the earlier test with new PL/SQL features from versions 10G and 11G tacked on. There is an totally different feel to the test and the issues covered. Right now there are several sections which often not exist in 1z0-060 which cover features that did not exist in 9i. However, the the greater part of the new portions in 1Z0-144 cover key issues of PL/SQL coding that arguably should have experienced the earlier test. Some of the types of information covered in 1z0-060 but not 1z0-060 include:

The great things about using PL/SQL
Programming basics, including variables, conventions, attributes, and lexical models
Use of SQL functions in PL/SQL
Implicit vs. explicit data conversion
Use of product labels, indentation, and whitespace to make more readable code
The use of DML in PL/SQL
The use of control structures and Loops
The use of cursors and cursor features
The use of the FOR UPDATE clause
Different Controlling
PL/SQL Design concerns
Composite data types
Independent orders
BULK SQL businesses
PL/SQL compiler changes