Politics in the Church of God Prevents Progress

Various Sabbath-keeping Church of Goodness members (various groups and organizations associated to one degree or another with Herbert W. Armstrong) are sincerely against offering any Church of God books or religious material for sale, since Herbert Armstrong taught us to “buy the truth and sell it does not. inches However, such Church of God members should bear in mind that Mr. Armstrong later permitted his books to be made available for sale in bookstores, educating the brethren and co-office workers in a letter went out with September 12, 1985: Worldwide Anglican Church

“There is a very large audience which would never request this guide [Mystery of the Ages] if offered free – who would never send their name and address to us – but would gladly buy a copy in the bookstore. By putting it in the bookstores we will reach a very great audience that we can reach in no other way. We can not sell the publication ourselves, but it are unable to be distributed around this large audience of e book buyers unless the bookstores do put a cost on it. ” (Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Quantity 2, page 638). 

Several have been upset that Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Climb and Fall is sold. I remind them of Herbert Armstrong’s words above and Paul’s rhetorical response to some in the day over this theory that we’re commanded to never muzzle the ox although it is treading out the materials and that an employee is worthy of his hire. Besides, Beyond Babylon is available to for FREE or read online for FREE. God understands I am certainly not in this for the money, but gladly talk about the plain truth of the Bible and record as I am able, knowing it is truly priceless information.

I was also a person, not a Church organization obtaining regular tithes and offerings who therefore have no need to offer anything, as they’re equipped to offer it all, ideally, at no cost. My spouse and i don’t believe any Chapel of God organization should sell Church of Goodness literature. However, those away in the field, not part of the supervision or headquarters, have a God-given directly to do as necessary. Yeshua failed to condemn selling sacrificial pets but was righteously indignant that such commercial activities were taking place in the Temple courtyards and at exorbitant prices. Various were making a hurting rather than offering a service.

A member of the Philadelphia Church of God recently corresponded with me with this and other Church of God issues.

Didn’t you try and impose your book on God’s ministers and house of worship?

Not at all. Gerald Flurry refused to go forward with Beyond Babylon and fell backwards, traction old ground and is now going in groups, business as usual, as Europe rises and Judah and Israel have yet to be warned.

Might be you should have patiently lay until the time came up.

I remember believe God will go first to His House of worship and then His Land? It absolutely was time to bring Beyond Babylon before Stir, whom I consider to be the leader on this Laodicean era of The lord’s Church.

Do you think you are one of the 2 witnesses?

Goodness knows, but what I actually recognize is that we ought to at least prepare the way on their behalf with Judah and Certainly not one of the Cathedral of God groups reach the cities of Judah.

That would be a honor to be one. I’ve often prayed about them in addition to my silliness wished I can be one of them.

It would be an honor and a grave responsibility and the most hated job in the world since rejection would be by many people in the Church, initially, and practically all in the ground, with a bloody closing until the resurrection to physical life just before the return of the King, Yeshua the Messiah. No nice dinners or fancy invitations for the Two Witnesses but lots of murderous misunderstanding and hateful grief.

But I am just simply a lay member…..

Zero such thing as “just” a lay member. Every person has their God-given place in the Church of God and are evenly important for whatever Goodness has called them to do.