Rufus and His Slingshot – The Awesome Bean Shooter Man

We have a true life legend of the man in North Carolina, just south of Asheboro, named Rufus, who was known as the Veggie Shooter Man. In his 60’s he was still more accurate knocking a beetle off a foliage with a slingshot than I could ever be hitting the broad area of the barn. He could hit a quarter away of mid air with a swiftness that comes about with many many years of practice and experience.

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In the event that he was young, his big brother was the one who could use the gun to quest their food with. Rufus needed to resort to by using a slingshot to kill rabbits for their dinner. This wasn’t a sport. That was a necessity of survival. He had to learn to be appropriate and quick. The amazing thing about watching him use the slingshot is that he didn’t even aim. He didn’t understand himself how he could be so accurate without aiming. He just removed the slingshot, pulled back again on the rubber hammer and POW, there gone the can out of mid air, or maybe the pest off of the tea leaf without disturbing the foliage. 

It’s understandable that Rufus was awesome with a catapult. He even used it to “take down” weeds in his field. This individual was a living example of how lot of time and practice can accomplish. According to Rufus, the accuracy involves the hand out in entrance holding the Y part of the shooter, not the one pulling back again the sling which contains the ammo.

Kids nowadays are so technically focused with their iPods and computers, video games and boom boxes, Blackberries and palm gizmos that some of them don’t even really know what a slingshot is. They would rather concentrate their attention on a screen than take target at an empty place can with a filled slingshot.

But with summer time coming, it’s a good time to send the kids outside, allow them to get some good fresh air and exercise. Of course, if you are in the country, a good hobby for a young child to take up is learning accuracy with a slingshot. Certainly it is important to give them lessons in not firing at animals or people, but there are many other things to take at with a rock and roll or pellet from a slingshot.

There are many types of slingshot, one being the type that has a light aluminum shape with a stabilizer that rests on your lower arm as your hands grips the rubber take care of. Excellent powerful 100 backyard shooting range.

Another type is exactly what Rufus himself made out of dogwood, with simply a Y that this individual found and cut to size without doing any carving on it. After that he added the silicone slingshot piece and it was ready to go to work.