SEO Vs Google AdWords – Online Marketing

Therefore you’ve just got your amazing new website designed. What should you do? How do you get your target market/audience to explore your new online business home? The answer? Online Marketing. google adwords help connecticut

Online Advertising, also called internet marketing, is the ability of using various techniques and methods to advertise and sell services or products via the internet. These techniques and methods can be categorized into the follow: E-mail marketing, YouTube Marketing, Blogging, Social media, Affiliate Marketing and more. 

However, today I would like to give attention to one main category of online marketing, Search Engine Effects. Search Engine Results is broken into two sub teams – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pay Every Click (paid advertising). Even more specifically, I would like to give attention to Google Google adwords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a natural/organic way of getting your website to display within the very best results on search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Yahoo. This kind of type of online marketing needs upkeep and will should be maintained over time to ensure that the results are consistent. SEO provides organic and natural search engine results.

SEO is a great way to make brand awareness and a long-lasting company image on the internet.

The concept of SEO is not hard – optimize your website to be “search-engine-friendly”, however executing this is a horrible and time consuming process. SEO is not an once-off online marketing tool that you can use to promote your business, it is a long term investment. The ROI of SEO is great and cannot be when compared to any other marketing as everything is determined by how competitive your specific niche market market is regarding SEO and of course how good your team of SEO experts are.

Selecting the right Seo services is essential. Do not rush this task, if you do, you can either get the website suspended and blacklisted on search engines or you could easily get the best online marketing out there. As described above, SEO is a long-term investment, this means that every SEO/Website Design and style company out there who promise 1st Page Google results for X amount of money is wasting your money on cheap as well as illegitimate tricks. These tips usually work for with regards to a week or two, but once Google, Bing or Yahoo notices these techniques (and they will), your website and domain name will be blacklisted and removed from their search results. SEO isn’t a cheap service, it will take hours of tricky work. Quality online marketing companies really know what their SEO is worth.

Google AdWords (Pay Per Click advertising)

Give Per Click advertising, also known as PPC, is a procedure for getting 1st Page / Leading search engine results by paying X amount of money for that first Page / Top position. Google AdWords has a system that permits users to bid on a certain keyword to rank within the top results. One example is if your business provides used cars, you would buy keywords like “used cars”, “second-hand cars” and many others, then when someone types in “used cars” in Yahoo, your website will show up all the way at the top of the search results. This form of online marketing can be very effective if used right and the ROI can be scored very accurately.