Shipping to Malaysia? Learn About Customs Rules and Regulations for Shipping by Sea

Positioned in Southeast Asia, Malaysia houses a population of over 28 million, according to World Bank data. The country’s capital city is Kuala Lumpur and Malaysian’s federal government is positioned in Putrajaya. Malaysia is home to a number of shipping ports, including the Labuan Port, the Rajang Port, the Sandakan Slot and the Kota Kinabalu Port. allianz medical insurance malaysia

If you need cargo shipping services to Malaysia, there are a number of required documents you should plan to have including:

Function Permit
Visa (for both employment and residence in Malaysia)
Letter from your employer in Malaysia proclaiming the specific reason for import, job function and approximate length of stay
Letter of Authorization to Destination Agent, signed by customer, for your transport to be cleared
In addition, you will also require eight signed replications of Customs Form Simply no. 1 ) 
The investment required for your delivery to Malaysia should concur exactly to the material of your shipment. Make sure you make a separate set of the electrical items, kitchen appliances and new items that you are shipping. You should plainly list the brand, model, country of origin, voltage and price of the items in your cargo shipment.

Once your cargo goes through traditions clearance in Malaysia, you should plan to be present since there are a few required documents you will need to sign.
It is also important to make note of that all cargo shipments coming into Malaysia are subject to a customs examination in the country.

In case you are enthusiastic about shipping duty liberated to Malaysia, you can do this as long as you have owned the items for at least 3 months and as long as you do not remove of them for at least six months after arrival in Malaysia.

To are entitled to duty free shipping and delivery to Malaysia, you must also be either a foreigner with a work permit in Malaysia or a citizen of Malaysia who has been living out from the country for at least 12 prior successive months.

Shipping to Malaysia – Items that are Subject to Duty Service fees, Restrictions and Taxes

In the event that you are shipping freight to Malaysia, certain items are subject to work fees, taxes and/or special import permits. For example, all electrical items delivered to Malaysia must be accompanied by an Transfer Permit.

In addition, if any of your items are less than 6 months old, you will be expected to pay certain duty fees and taxation. Make sure you have the original invoices with the value of your items.

When shipping to Malaysia, some items are restricted. For example, limited items range from the following:

Online video cassettes and films are subject to review by the Film Censorship Table in Malaysia
Rare metal items
Any plants that you ship to Malaysia require a Phytosanitary Certificate and approval from the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture.
Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are controlled by high import fees
You may ship a computer to Malaysia, tax free, but you are limited to no more than 3 imported computers per family. Additionally, you cannot sell any computers that you ship to Malaysia work free no less than one year following significance to the country. Just note, computers also require an import license.

You are required to have a special permit in order to ship phones and fax equipment to Malaysia.