Tears For This Triple-Header! Movies That Touch Your Heart

Up to date this article July 2012.

First, some background information about me, I are not a movie-buff. Generally, I do not know the dimensions of the names of stars and also the names of current videos. And yes, I have had the experience of men and women mentioning movies to myself and I say I’ve not seen them or never heard of them and so they react in wonder, asking me what give was I hiding in. I am, so, not a movie buff, however, I have my top features that I might watch over and also, eventually. gomovies

Not really hiding in a caves, and I am in this century. I just do not generally have a chance to go to the films. And on the unusual times that I do, I want to be sure that it is an outstanding movie, not simply a mediocre one. So I choose sensibly. I am unable to remember the last time that I went to the movies, nor can I remember the name of it. Perhaps it is that one about the adorable rat known as Ratatoille. So what on earth kind of movies do I enjoy? I can not say that I enjoy any particular kind of movie. I like one with a tale, either a true story or great story. And generally My spouse and i is not big on documentaries. But surprisingly enough, one of this week’s movies was an incomplete documentary. 

A pair of the movies were in several languages and I got to read the subtitles to enjoy the films. One is at an African-american language and one was in either Israeli or Hebrew (I am not sure which one or if both of the languages are definitely the same). And the third movie that I borrowed was in English, an extra treat since I speak only English and a few little Romance language and one word in Chinese.

I totally recommend these three movies but you must have to enjoy subtitles for the 2. Here they are:

Emmanuel’s Gift, Watermarks, and The Prize Winner of Disobedient, Ohio. I like to recommend them only if you need to view positive films which may have a really positive and inspiring message. And, only if you can put up with a sad movie. Most movies had their own degrees of sadness and sadness to the point where they all helped bring tears to my sight. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, though not about domestic violence, experienced a few scenes of domestic violence in it. But, please note, the storyplot was not about domestic physical violence. This story was about the skills, fortitude, perseverance and love that one woman had on her behalf children and for herself. The lady was an exceptional woman, and there were parts of this film that will just make you weep.

ALL three of these movies are incredibly necessary videos and i also assume that all three should be expected viewing in all high schools and in all colleges. It can be about time that we had some required things which may have such long-lasting, positive and motivating messages to them. When you have seen any of these movies, leave a review here or send an email. I would like to know your view of all three or of any of them.