Tell Me Why You Truly Believe in God

Can be God the person that you pray to and every from time to time, he sends someone realisticsensible, to answer your prayers, just like a good parent or guardian. God is actually taking treatment of you, whether if you’re driving down the road at 75 miles an hour, or walking through a park. Is God Real

You may not know why, you believe in God? I gamble you, that you’re starting to think about the question now. As children, our company is taught to believe, that God is the ultimate protector worldwide and is always looking out for us. This seems to bring us comfort, as we go through our daily lives. 

Do you believe that Hindu’s, Muslim’s or Christians, have similar values in their god or gods? I have seen Hindus and Muslims that reside pretty good life’s. Why wouldn’t these people be punished by the other gods or The almighty? If I was the god of Jehovah and got mad at everyone who made false idols or worshiped other gods, why wouldn’t I go out of my way to make their lives miserable?

It just does not make any sense, if you probably spend the time, to think about it. If God is that powerful, why wouldn’t this individual worn out the opposition? For what reason wouldn’t he be history their possessions?

Doesn’t it say something like this in the Bible? Goodness will make people’s lives miserable if they may follow him, yet I understand plenty of folks that are miserable and follow him. Are you really heading to shell out your life trusting in your own God, and never questioning his living or even the roots of your religion.

Inquire yourself one question, is God real and if so, how do you know that your right? Maybe you have ever thought that someone else could be right and you could be wrong?

What Performed God Really Say []

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