The Psychology of Innovation

For the practical applications of progressive ideas and the creation valuable… and why the modern world is the century of innovation¬†

Development is not merely creating something completely new, but creating a product that will be valuable, especially commercial, economic, practical or cultural value. Thus creative imagination when associated with value and enterprise is innovation and an progressive product is “useful to others”. Advancement could lead to organization and commercialization as ground breaking products are commercially feasible. Whereas a creation is creation of something totally new, creativity is the creation of a product or service that is valuable and useful to consumers. Fresh and ground breaking products are sometimes radical and innovative, although there is pregressive innovation that boosts systems or products that already exist. Innovation helps in creation of commercial, useful or social value by implementing new ideas.¬†

Creativity is applied invention assisting to create a new product to fill the unmet user needs in the market. An technology is a fresh product but could be a respected solution to a problem and only by becoming commercially, socially or almost valuable, an invention is transformed to innovation.

This kind of discussion is based on the psychological basis of innovation and although development would be associated with creativity, creative imagination is a quality in humans and advancement is ‘what you do’. Thus innovation is a form of action that requires creativity, enterprise and radical thinking. Thus development being focused on creation of a product is action-oriented whereas creative imagination is thought-oriented. Enterprise is important to switch a creative idea into an ground breaking product that will have significant value in the short or long term. The emotional process of turning an idea into an creativity goes beyond the creative process and involves functional planning of designing and marketing the product to make it commercially practical.

Innovation involves the levels of brainstorming of any creative idea, problem solving, refinement or developing it to create something radical and different and then developing a business model to help meet market and customer needs. Creativity as a thought process is the first thing of creativity. Innovation usually involves a new idea, method or product and either the art, technology or business of introducing something totally new. When ideas are translated to innovation, value is created which sorts the potential for business. Innovation is creation of a product with natural value which is done by considering what product will be of value to the user or will be successful in the market. It could be argued that even creative imagination is in charge of creation of products with aesthetic value or artistic value. Very well, that is true nevertheless the value created by development is probably more impartial, because innovation creates financial, commercial and social value.

The psychological processes in innovation differ from imagination as the action-oriented characteristics of innovation will have to be directed towards fulfilling an user or market or product need. In creativity, the only goal appears to be the creation of the merchandise, although creative products like books can even be market directed. Innovation is specifically aimed at meeting end user needs, it is action-oriented, so it is based upon applications or practical purposes. Whereas imagination being thought-oriented, mostly fulfills the needs of the creative specialist and is directed in the camera, innovation is about the world and fulfills the needs of an individual and market and is thus directed externally. Creativity also does not involve a target commercialization whereas development is approximately developing the commercial value of a product.

Creativity is the most basic of art, architecture, beautifully constructed wording and any artistic or scientific activity for the matter. Innovation is advent with added value, will be based upon action and is thus more practical in their applications and tangible in its usability. Creativity and creative products are definitely more hypothetical and not too well defined or tangible in terms of their applications are worried. The sole application of creative imagination appears to be aesthetic pleasure and imagination is the basis of the aesthetic value of any product, including an ground breaking product. It can be when creative imagination helps make products that are significantly helpful to the market that it evolves to an innovation. Thus imagination is the inspiration of all innovation, however creative imagination is not based on advancement. Creativity is the first step towards innovation and innovation is focused on delivering exceptional product or service to the value chain. In innovation, value is added for both user and developer.