The Relationship Between Fast Food And Obesity

Today, fast food becomes a way of life. Lunchtime sandwiches, fries, burgers and nuggets all meant a better risk of obesity and it can improve the chances of obesity by 50 percent. Fast food is not only fast, cheap and convenient, it also likes good, so that it is harder to resist. Fast food consists of high levels of salt, refined sugar, oil and refined flour. This combo alone can be damaging to one health as well as cause overweight. tellthebell

Some fact show that Junk food Cause Obesity?

A large number of doctors and experts are concern about obesity in today, with the climb in obesity they learn to question and study whether fast food can cause obesity. There are many facts show that eating a lot of fast food food per weeks will cause obesity. Some of the truth is: 

– Weight problems rates is increase every year

– Many people choosing fast food his or her primary food

– Low-cost and convenient, fast food restaurants everywhere

– A lot of fast food advertisements

It is no surprise that fast food and obesity go palm in hand. There have been many studies that show that fast foods are of poor and low nutritional value. The conventional fast food meal contains cheap carbohydrates, white loaf of bread, high levels of condensed fat and a fizzy soda. Usually, fast food also has relatively low fiber content. Fast food has high caloric occurrence, before you know about it; you will have overeaten and put on weight. So fast food does cause obesity.


A great deal of researchers report that junk food can cause weight problems; in particular those families that choose junk food as a food more than three times a week do operate a higher risk of weight problems and bigger BMI’s. The BMI, or body mass index, is a method that doctors use to determine exactly how fat a person is. A BMI of any number between 25 and 30 means the patient is heavy, if 30 or even more is an indication of obesity. Regarding 70% of adults in our country can be classified as overweight, regarding 35% Adults is considered obese. These are incredibly high figures and many of them having high BODY MASS INDEX, when you know that obesity can lead to health problems, such as diabetes and high bloodstream pressure.

Our lifestyle alternatives also might affect our body weight as well. For example, if you and your family associates visiting the fast food chains frequently, then you have a tendency to keep less healthy and high nutritional choices in at your house.. The absence of fresh fresh vegetables, fruits and whole cause can associated with results of the fries and burgers that much more severe. Some study show that slender teenagers know how to take balance food, example if they choose fast food on occasion will balance that choice by consuming fewer calories other day. Although overweight teenagers don’t know or can not control to take balance food. During your time on st. kitts is evidence to show that fast food triggers obesity, it appears that other factors and choices enter into play as well.

The danger for Diabetes

Experts on fast food and obesity say there is now an alarming rate of aerobic disease and diabetes in the United States. These types of numbers have continued to rise in the recent few years. A report found those who eating scores of fast food gained 10 pounds more than patients who did so less frequently, and improves twice the opportunity of expanding an insulin disorder that directly associated with diabetes. The sedentary lifestyle, are speedily becoming one of the top causes for type II diabetes and heart artery disease. The high carbohydrate content of fast food could cause the systems inability to create the amount of insulin needed to deal with the sweets levels produced after a meal. This can business lead to increase sugar levels and block arteries.

Several Improvement

While some prêt à manger restaurants have begun offering healthier alternatives, including fruits, whole-grain bread, lower-fat french fries, salads, as well as bottled water, rather than sodas.

However, this appears to be a rather weak and slow response, even though it is a step in the right course. But, it can do show that even the take out restaurants acknowledge that take out triggers obesity.