The Social Structure of the Horse

Through the years I have heard people admit the “Equine Public Structure” places certain horse above others through the use of force. Quite simply the strongest ones is the the one which is in fee. I too was trained to relate to the horse herd structure in that manner, but since my knowledge of as to how a herd was structured, who the real leaders were, the way the horses communicated and the thing that was the actual method of communication has developed a different picture of the horses and the partnership created within the herd. Since I progressed and examined the horse and it is relationship within the masses I learned that activities of individual horses and the results of those actions a new certain result on the complete group. The biggest step forwards came when I learned that it was not at all times the lead horse at the front end of the herd. Up coming I realized that the position that the equine in charge had, performed not come from apprehension or dominance of the other members of the herd, but from esteem. horse communication

The respect that the lead horse was passed came from the assurance that was located on that one member of the herd through various tests that had recently been put on them. These kinds of tests originated in other people of the herd and from situations and makes outside of the group. Respect was granted when the member of the herd, that was being tested, reacted to the situations in a manner that was beneficial to the complete herd. This demonstrated me that there was no fear or prominence factor, but an esteem that was earned and cherished, then and only then was the position earned by that masses member and was stored until it was no longer feasible for that masses member to achieve tasks that would relate to and become required of the position that were granted.

The entire process of placing within the herd was done in a fashion that showed consistency that did not deviate and it was accomplished in a manner that performed not allow for the cutting of corners. Generally there was a regular structured method for a member of the herd to obtain a specific position within the herd and all of the steps got to be accomplished in their specific order. If perhaps the order of success of the tasks were not steady or completed in the necessary sequence, the position would not be granted. The position would be granted when the requirements were met in their proper sequence and the required pattern used, without deviation, as arranged down in the interpersonal structure of the group.

I realized that it was the pattern that needed to be followed in order to be able to use the horses and obtain the very best results. Horses are no different today than they were many decades ago. That they need that same composition and guidance within their lives, they long for the structured lifestyle that the herd places after them; in fact they require it. Most race horses are followers, not commanders. It is very unusual that you will find a horse this is a head because in real life of the horse there are many more supporters than leaders. Horses do not think like or respond as horses except if they may have this required structure into their lives. Our task is to learn how to place that structure within their lives and earn the respect which can be granted to us. Once that we have earned the admiration that allows us to be the chosen one, the trusted one, within the mind of the horse, we have began to achieve a point on the road of communication that will lead to a life-long friendship.

Making a Social Structure That the Horse Will Understand In order to make a sociable structure that the equine will accept and understand you will need to have an understanding of the actual “Equine Social Structure” is, how it works and why it has to operate in the strategy that it does.

In the last section we covered the basics exhibiting how a position is to be obtained, but you may be wanting to know what we need to do is enter into higher detail as to how all of it connects together. Over the internet that it is not always the strongest horse that is the leader, just like people there are market leaders that are not always the strongest. The best one may be away in front protecting the herd from danger, for your is the position that they have earned, but it does not make them the best, it makes them the strongest one.

The earning of the trust that is essential from the beginning is in the beginning achieved through a state of mind. You need to be capable of remove and block out all negative thoughts that might be within or entering your mind. These are thoughts of problems like; money, home, family, work, and many others, we could go on for hours. The horses does not have these kind of problems because they do not stay in the much more complicated world that we do. They have no interest in these kind of problems , nor want to hear of them in any respect, condition or form. The good thing to do is drop them off in the house or in the car when you arrive at the barn. The horse can be your closest good friend and your sounding panel, they may never talk again, don’t have any view (so you are always right) and will never tell you of any of the problems that they are having with the other horses. So, it is best to return the favor and keep your problems to yourself.

When that you learn to block out each of the distraction that can come in your way on the path to the horses you are ready to visit onto the next step. Learning about social framework of the horse.