Three Killer Strategies For Finding Wholesale Products

Locating good wholesale products and sources for your business can be one of the most difficult duties that you face when starting a new venture. TDW Florida

It can cost you a ton of time. But there are some things you can do in you job search for wholesalers, liquidators, drop-shippers and other wholesale companies to make certain that your looking doesn’t leave you unsuccessful.

There are numerous ways to identify wholesalers, but here are three great ways to get you started:

STRATEGY #1: Start At The Leading and Work Your Method Down.

Even if you know the manufacturer of the item that you are searching for at inexpensive, then the manufacturer is the first company you require to contact.

Now, maybe you are only starting out and your company is too promising small to offer directly with the developer or maybe you no longer have the money to buy wholesale in great quantity. That’s OK, you still need to contact the manufacturer first. Possibly if you wish to buy direct from them, they might not exactly sell to you, they may send you for their authorized wholesale distributors. 

They could also be able to send you to a dropshipper who could wholesale drop ship the products directly to customers so you may have to stock any inventory. It will rely upon the corporation. Either way, your goal is to learn where you can purchase their products at low cost.

When you call them, make certain to tell them the name of your business. They will don’t sell to individuals just looking for “good deals. ” That’s why they have retailers.

To get instance, your conversation might go something like this: They Say: “Good Morning hours, ABC Manufacturing how may I direct your call? ” You say: “Good Morning, This is THE NAME along with your COMPANY BRAND. I’m in charge of wholesale purchasing and we are looking to then add of your products to the store. Who would I need to talk with? ” From there, you should be well on your way to finding out where to get those products at general.

STRATEGY #2: Contact Deptartment Stores and Retail Shops About Their Overstocks.

Depending on what type of merchandise you are interested in, strategy #2 may be very good for you. The first thing to do is to contact the home office of the stores that are retailing the product lines you are searching for. This may take you several phone phone calls to get somebody who knows (or who cares) but it will pay up for you.

Persistence is key here. At first you will be talking with the receiptionist (who may be more considering doing their nails or going back to that trashy story they may be trying to read on company time. ) But keep after it until you find the department that you need. What you would like to determine is who purchases their overstocks, liquidation, returns and closeout merchandise.

Many malls sell to wholesalers and “jobbers” who in switch promote to you on a wholesale level. The wholesaler / jobber will likely buy in mass for way below general so in retrospect they are able to still sell to you personally at low cost prices. In some circumstances you could be capable of buy the overstocks directly from their grocer if that is what you want.

STRATEGY #3: Attend A Wholesale Investment Show.

Yes, this one will cost you a while and money. Believe myself, I know. I’ve joined multiple and I have the receipts to confirm it. But if you visit a good show, the contacts that you come away with could be priceless to your business.

You will also return with many cool product ideas that you never even thought of. And additionally, if you go to an industry-respected show, you know you will be getting real wholesale contacts. There are several wholesale tradeshows during the United States in the past year.

In the event that you don’t have the time or money to visit a wholesale company show or do all the research and mobile phone calls, i then have some good news for you.