Travel Insurance and Scooter Rental

Think about yourself there… a beautiful, tranquil tropical island. You set off for the day on your booked scooter to visit must-see local tourist attractions. You also plan to explore the secluded beaches you heard about last night time from an area in the bar. You decide to use the road, enjoying the experience of the warm air flow in your hair and the sun on your skin. Life is good. Exams, work, pressure and stress all a life span away. You could have travel insurance, so what could possibly fail to spoil such perfection? scooter rental faro airport

Unfortunately, quite a lot…

Continue with the dreamy scenario… you cruise trip along at a secure speed, take a flex, and then… panic as a car approaches at great speed. It’s overtaking and heading straight for you. You swerve, and get back consciousness a while later upside down in a ditch with a significant brain injury and broken foot. 

It all seemed very easy when you rented the scooter; you paid the cost and signed some papers. They provided a helmet but you don’t know, or forgot, that legislation required you to wear it (and you could be fined).

Since they carry you off to hospital you ask them to find the travel insurance policy concealed away somewhere in your luggage.

The will manage it, right?

You just have to call the Emergency Assistance Service amount classified by the insurance policy and they will spend on your medical treatment. Perhaps they may pay for the mangled scooter as well.

Unfortunately, maybe not…

Young backpackers and holidaymakers are the ones probably to find themselves in this situation, but it could happen to anyone. Renting a moped or scooter is certainly a brilliant way to get around on holiday, and cheaper than renting a car, but you may be wondering what about the risks?

Sadly, there are too many destructive accidents each year regarding tourists riding mopeds, scooters and quad bikes at tourist hot-spots around the world. In many circumstances they do not have bothered to read the conditions and conditions of the child scooter rental agreement or their insurance policy. They discover, too late, that their claims for medical bills and liability are not covered.

In many countries it is the regulation that you have to wear a headgear when riding a mobility scooter or moped. Most insurance policy conditions and conditions require use of protecting clothing and/or a head protection. The use of a motorised vehicle is often found under the ‘Hazardous Activities’ section of a policy. It is there for a reason! That is important to evaluate because there are usually constraints on the power of the vehicle you can ride, with an additional premium or higher surplus for a much more powerful machine. If you are in different doubt at all, no matter where you purchase your insurance, always contact the company and ask for advice before you established off on vacation.

It is important to rent scooters, mopeds and quad motorcycles from a reputable company. Examine the rental agreement to see what is and is not covered. You should already have checked out your travel insurance and so will know whether you are covered for private Liability.

Check that your drivers license is valid to use the automobile, the age requirements, and be it legal to drive on public roads in the country. Do not leave your passport with the corporation as security.

The cost of medical remedy abroad is incredibly high. Minus travel insurance or do not comply with the conditions and conditions of the insurance you will be in for an expensive nightmare to cover medical health care, not to mention the price tag on medical repatriation, if needed, to fly you home by air ambulance.