Water Damage Restoration – Choosing the Right Company

Fine, so your pipes burst open in your upstairs bathroom and you’re standing hip deep in raw manure. Who are you heading to call?

Yellow Catalogs in every city are replete with companies advertising water damage and mould repair or restoration. 60 that there are no government regulations regarding who can and cannot do this sort of work, so any redneck with a mop and a shop-vac can slap a sign privately of his truck advertising water repair and say he’s in the business. Choosing this person to work on your home may actually make a bad situation worse and cost a large number of additional dollars to perfect. water damage denver

Fortunately, there is an answer. The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Recovery Certification (IICRC) begun 31 years ago as the unofficial governing body for the water damage repair industry. They have founded guidelines, procedures, and criteria for those companies who do this kind of work, and who wish to provide some measure of legitimacy. 

Deciding on a company that is IICRC certified will insure that they will be licensed, bonded, and covered by insurance, on call 24/7, and staffed with highly trained professional technicians proficient in the latest water destruction and mold repair equipment and techniques. They will give you a complete array of services to handle all facets of your repair needs, from water extraction and drying out, to carpet cleaning and mold remediation, to strength repair and reconstruction.

That they will also manage to provide as liaison with your insurance company or says adjuster to be sure what is and is not protected by your homeowners plan.

So don’t take chances with your home or possessions. Call a local IICRC certified water destruction repair professional today.