Website Navigation and Theme

Perhaps you have ever visited a site to keep clicking on links, hoping you are heading to find that information you would like, only to be led to more webpages of links. It gets frustrating and visitors often leave without finding what they were looking for. That is not useful to you our your visitor. The solution is to have a clean, simple website navigation plan that is really as clear and clear as it can be. Silverbow

There are several schools of thought on the best website navigational design. I may believe there is certainly any one ”best” design; Your course-plotting model is determined by your website and its content and is also often a blend of several designs. We will analyze three different website routing methods and see how they work. They are:

Linear navigation can be used for a site where you want the customer to go from one step to a different in a particular order. To describe it in used within a site but seldom as a separate design. The idea here is that the guests follows the pages in a predefined order or sequence that you determine. This is particularly helpful for tutorials. But, it even offers many other uses.

The database or main grid design of website nav is made up of multiple main divisions and each division is connected to its own repository. This sort of navigation can be used effectively when large amounts of data will be required in the website design. With database navigation the visitor commences by selecting the key heading that best serves their purpose. Coming from there they can exercise down deeper and much deeper into the selected repository.

The hierarchical design should go from the general to the specific; from a home page to main sections to subsections and databases. A visitor could easily go from the home page to other areas of the website and back again. The goal of any hierarchical navigational system is to offer the user a clear and simple way to get into all pages in a website.

Note: you no longer want to place an immediate link to everything on your website on any single page. Your website links should progress through several levels branching away as they go. As well many links to choose from and your site visitors often won’t really know what to click on.

As My spouse and i said earlier, some are a blend of navigational models and you will have to ascertain which method works best for your web pages. It is important to experience a clear idea of your navigational system before you organize your website. Help these potential customers find the information they need with the least quantity of clicks. This will likely also serve you in creating your site theme.

Website Theme

To enhance navigation every website should have some type of theme – a way of giving your site an identifying look. This can be through the use of an unique logo, a particular color blend or a recognizable idea such as gardening or pets. Discussing have a look at the concept of the website.

If you have chosen a subject for your website or business, think about what theme would compliment that title. Let your creativeness take over here and think of several ideas and write them down. Minus a title or name chosen, think of this content, graphics and/or photographs you are include on your site. Deciding on a theme might help you come up with an unique name.

A style can be evident… for example a garden greenhouse using gardening tools, plants, etc. Or it’s really a metaphor. For example, a site about babies could also use a ”gardening” theme. The metaphors of seedlings, progress, nurturing, feeding and looking after for tender plants would translate well. When theme is a specific color or color combination, the links, buttons and graphics should all reflect that color theme. If a logo design is employed as theme, that logo should be included on every page.

What you performing, with a theme, is providing cohesiveness to your site – letting visitors know they are still in the same position whatever section they are viewing. Internet users don’t like the feeling to be ”lost” and will leave a web site if they feel they avoid know where they are or how to find information. Combing your theme and navigation scheme is the way professional website owners create their sites. You must too!