Why Do I Want a Free Blog?

Once i wrote my article on fixing the Fantastico security loophole, a lot of folks asked me why We wanted to provide that away for free. I really could have made a bundle by charging $7 for the report, and I suppose they were right, I can have made a hurting using the fear strategy. Crazy Blog

But I don’t use tactics like that! We would much rather tell my people up front how I can make them and let them make decisions based on my honesty. So when We started giving away free blog installations, some of my buddies immediately told me personally that I was crazy! 

Blogs are free in any case, the WordPress source code is freely available at WordPress. org… People can create a blog at WordPress. com and Tumblr. com for free in any case, so why would anyone need to get a free blog installed on their own domain?

Blogs are a good way to express yourself, and if that is all you want to do, the ones you get for free at blogger. por and WordPress. com are terrific for that. Issue is, you also lose the professionalism of having your own domain, and if you are utilizing your blog as a business tool, you might want to add plugins and themes that more carefully match your business personality!

The other consideration is if you intend on promoting things, getting the own domain name and hosting is absolutely the only way to go, individuals have told myself horror stories about their hard work suddenly disappearing when their free blog was suddenly deleted because of conditions of service violations! I don’t like to work with frighten tactics, but have you read Google’s conditions of Service for Blogger. junto de (Google owns Blogger. com)?

WordPress. com is very tough on promotional personal blogs, too, so that if you are trying to make an industry for yourself, your free blog will not be a good way to do it.

A few of the Cost Every Action experts, the folks who use the CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT (CPA) networks like Hydra and ModernClick, tell me that a blog on your own domain – ideally a domain that includes the keywords you are targeting – is among the finest traffic creating methods for CPA products. You should use the blog to host videos, audios and articles that will drive the traffic that bring the people that will click on your ads!

If you occur to decide on a good theme for your blog, you can look good while taking in people that will want to bookmark this website and come back again and again! Sometimes the presentation is everything. You now really want to be sure that you are not splogging, though, because this is a sure way to get your sites removed from the search engine results pretty quickly!

Splogs? That is the term for SPAM blogs. Inside the black hat days and nights, people would create a blog on numerous fields with one post or two and lots of links with AdSense advertising or affiliate links. Google’s algorithm ended up reducing them, but once in a while you’ll still find the misguided spirit who thinks he is will make a , 000, 000 dollars by putting up several websites as this individual can to protect every key phrase he can on mesothelioma cancer!

A blog is excellent as long as you are providing value to your readers, because your viewers are the reason you want a blog in the first place! With no readers, their would be no ad clicks, no banner impressions and definitely no affiliate commissions. So as long as you keep the target audience at heart, you are well ahead of the thousands and thousands of others away there!