Why Should Taxpayers Pay for the Democrats to Buy Votes?

Today then, this article is view based so let me get started with a question; why must I actually more in taxes so the National government can continue to give out free stuff and free money only to buy votes to continue their socialist programs and get reelected? Right now then, Let me answer that rhetorical question in this article if We might. You observe, it looks to me that the meals stamp program which presently has 47 million people on it is little or nothing more than a scheme to acquire campaign efforts from corporate lobbyists, because it is indeed company welfare. If the authorities allows people the potential to buy free food without paying for it, they must purchase it from someone that provides the food. That would be a Corporation. buy votes

Following, by giving away free food in the food stamp program to forty seven million Americans, those people are going to stay to vote for Democrats because they feel that they will be capable to continue getting the free food as those politicians who are left-leaning have stated not to kill this software. To me, this just may seem like a socialist trick to buy votes. Issues like this don’t just happen here the Combined States, they also happen far away. They happen in Argentina, Venezuela, Republic of colombia, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, simply to name a few. Indeed, it is one of the most well-known plays into socialist playbook. It works wonders for getting into power, maintaining power, and eventually losing those pesky term limit rules. 

Do I feel that the Democrats will eventually reneged on our term limit laws in the US? Of course they will try, and it can hard to say if the Supreme Court will let them, but if the people need it, the Constitution could be changed, and we will wrap up just as the economies of those other countries We mentioned above. What We miss is why We as a taxpayer was funding the things i see as the future economical destruction of my country, the greatest country ever created in the history of mankind (opinion). Indeed, I wish someone might make clear that to me. But I’m frightened their excuses will not be any different than those we heard during the televised debates in October 2012 from Chief executive Obama.

In case you don’t like my type of the food stamps program, we can discuss Obama Care, or any of a number of attempts to buy more votes and lead our nation down the socialist path of destruction in my opinion. What we performing just isn’t right, and however like to get free stuff, and maybe you are one of them, you should reevaluate what this is doing to our nation, along with your personal family’s monetary future, not to mention everyone else’s. Please consider all this and think on it.